Phone and Tablet Repairs


A recent study found that around 70% of people worldwide work from home at least once a week, and at least 50% of Britons could work from home by 2022.

Such increased reliance on our mobile devices puts an increased strain on them, and in the event they fail on us. Luckily, we at Wey Computing Solutions are on hand to assist, whether it be for a small software glitch or something more serious. We can also perform battery replacements if desired, renewing existing devices and prolonging their life cycle. The parts used in our repairs are of the same (or superior quality) to original components, and will only allow repairs that meet our standards to leave our workshop.

All you need to know is the model number (obtained by going to Settings > General > About > Model/Model No.) and whether the fingerprint reader is functional. From there, we can generate a quotation and, on acceptance, order the required parts and let you know when they've arrived (if we don't already have them). On arrival, we then let you know, and you can pop in whenever's best for you, with turnaround times of an hour or less on more routine repairs.

For more information, or a no-obligation quote contact us.