Our Services

The needs of our clients is widely varied, and as such we offer a comprehensive range of IT and networking services to meet them.

If there's something we revel in, it's a challenge. The world of technology is ever-changing, and we're committed to remaining one step ahead of the game. Whether you offer financial services and need rock-solid data retention solutions, or you're a graphic designer in need a powerful PC, or even a private hire firm with complex logistical requirements, we source and supply the industry's best hardware and conduct repairs using the finest quality tools and parts available.

We're proud to be able to offer the services listed below. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but highlights perhaps our more popular services. Should something you need not be present, call us anyway - chances are we can help or advise.

Hardware and Software Repairs

Hardware Services

Repairs and Upgrades

The bread and butter of any IT company is the ability to perform upgrades and hardware repairs. However, we don't just replace old for new...

We will assess your circumstances, both technically and financially, and we will find a solutions that provides the best long-term value for money, either through new hardware or upgrading existing hardware. Whether it's a sluggish workstation, a suffering server, intermittent network or a broken phone/tablet, come and talk to us and see what options are available. We never recommend unnecessary or 'short-sighted' upgrade paths, and we will even recommend you buy hardware direct if it means it'll be cheaper for you.

You may be surprised as to what we can offer, and we could open up avenues you previously hadn't considered - Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation quote, whatever your needs.

Powerful Networking

Advanced Networks

Technology in Sync

Our extensive networking knowledge, combined with the best hardware in the industry, allows us to perform some serious networking wizardry.

It doesn't matter how big, how clever, whether you need a VPN, an on-premise exchange system, bolstered device security, intelligent routing, IP CCTV systems or synergetic cloud-based backup solutions, we are more than ready to tackle your networking woes. We've planned and installed numerous networks for businesses who need solid infrastructure and the latest security protocals, as well as private clients who want to take full advantage of the latest industry developments to make their homes truly smart.

Don't settle for poor wireless signal, network dropouts, email spam/spoofing and randsomware threats - call us to discuss your requirements and we will find a harmoneous blend of hardware and software to exceed them.

Data loss contingencies and recovery

Data Services

Protection and Recovery

Data is possibly the most valuable asset of any business. Whatever you do, your data helps you do it.

To lose it could potentially cost thousands in lost time, your company's reputation and months of playing catch-up. We at Wey Computing Solutions take data security and contingencies seriously. We're constantly monitoring an ever-evolving market, finding new ways of recovering your data and getting you up and running as quickly as possible, with one example able to get a server running from the cloud in under 90 minutes. We're also able to recover data from damaged disks and corrupt SD cards, recovering them to a medium of your choice.

Whatever your data needs, whether you're thinking ahead or wishing you had, come and talk to us - it might not be too late.

Consistent system monitoring and maintenance

Remote Services

Monitoring and Management

Thought that support could only be provided in person? If you did, our collection of remote control, monitoring and management tools will no doubt impress.

You'd be surprised what can be achieved remotely these days; we can remotely connect to a workstation of your choice, conduct services ranging from standard maintenance through to complex diagnostics, monitor system performance and execute scripts to improve it, manage patch installations, diagnose network faults and a lot more besides. Depending on your service agreement level, we monitor your systems continuously around the clock and across weekends, ensuring minimal downtime and rapid response times to emerging issues.

The technology industry is dynamic and proactive - it's time you got the power of an equally proactive IT support provider behind you.

Advanced VOIP solutions for yor business

VOIP Systems

Powerful and Flexible

Traditional phone systems are old hat - they're expensive and restricted. Get on board with the latest in telecommunications.

Our VOIP systems will make you re-think what's possible, both in the office and out. On a desktop or laptop there's conference calling, video calling, Outlook and CRM integration, call recording, extensions, independent voicemail and much more. On your mobile you can make and receive calls as though you were at your desk, including to internal extensions. All for less than a BT business contract, it's not hard to see why more businesses are making the jump.

Telecomms systems have become a lot more powerful - have a chat to us and see how we can harness it for your business.

Bespoke service agreements

Service Agreements

Tailored to your needs

Something we often encourage for our clients is a service agreement which is tailored specifically for the client needs.

Our client base is broad, with a wide array of needs, in terms of both hardware and software. As such, rather than just stamp out a generic service agreement that includes unnecessary costs, we will meet with you and conduct a site assessment to see what sort of service agreement (contract) would offer you and/or your business the best value. With favourable rates, priority service and remote monitoring, it's small wonder more and more businesses are reaching out to us.

Don't be caught short at critical moments, wondering how much recovery will cost when that server fails - talk to us about how we can best support you/your business.

This is just a selection of our most popular services. For more specific technologies, including IPCCTV systems, contact us.

We're confident we can help whatever the issue. Technology to us is more than a breadwinner - it's our passion, too.

Wey Computing Solutions is also proud to recommend products, parts and hardware on nothing more than merit;
we're not commission driven, so you can always be sure our advice is impartial.