Remote Services


Thought that support could only be provided in person? If you did, our collection of remote control, monitoring and management tools will no doubt impress.

You'd be surprised what can be achieved remotely these days; gone are the days of muddling through on the telephone, reading every message and listing every option. Thanks to cutting-edge encrypted remote access technologies, we can connect to a workstation of your choice, conduct services ranging from standard maintenance through to complex diagnostics, monitor system performance and execute scripts to improve it, manage patch installations, diagnose network faults and a lot more besides.

Depending on your service agreement (contract), we can do this proactively, striking whilst the iron is hot and raising issues before you're aware of them. For some clients we monitor their core systems around the clock and across weekends, ensuring minimal downtime and rapid response to emerging issues.

Technology is dynamic and proactive - it's time you got the power of an equally dynamic and proactive IT support provider behind you.